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✅Become Albo1125's YOUTUBE SPONSOR:
You'll support me & the channel, get a special badge in chat, gain access to new emoji, get a special Discord role with Sponsor exclusive text channels & gain a 3x challenge coin multiplier! 👮
If you're a new sponsor, go ahead and sync your YouTube account with your Discord account, by going into Discord User Settings > Connections > YouTube.

Challenge Coins, Commands & Ranks
While watching the stream, you gain 5 challenge coins for every 5 minutes you watch and post at least one chat message. These coins can be used later to enter giveaways & get rewards! Subscribing, liking, donating & superchatting will give you a flat challenge coin BONUS 👮 Sponsors gain a coin multiplier of 3 for the duration of their sponsorship.
Type !coins in chat to check your balance.
Type !flipcoin X to flip X number of coins (max 25) and either double them or lose them.
Type !bankheist to start a Bank Heist with other people.
Type !rank to check your viewer rank. These ranks are based on live watch time and closely match the rank structure in the UK's Metropolitan Police force.

Stream Chat Guidelines
No excessive caps and/or emoji spam.
No racial and/or political slurs.
Respect all viewers of the stream, as well as Moderators.
Keep profanity to a minimum.
Please don't post links in chat. All links must be approved by a Moderator.
Please don't ask for shoutouts or for others to subscribe to your channel. I may shout out people who are positively active in chat.
Please keep chat English only, as any other language may not be known to others.
Enjoy Yourself!

I don't have a set stream schedule, but I stream weekly, usually during weekends at around 18:00 British time. Streams will be announced on my website, in my Discord, on Twitter and of course on YouTube itself! You can always check whether I'm live here: 

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