Current PC Specs and Recording Software:
Intel i7 6700k, NVIDIA Gigabyte GTX 1070, 32GB DDR4 Corsair RAM, Gigabyte B150M motherboard, 1TB HDD (Seagate), 128GB SSD (Samsung), 500 GB M.2 SSD (Samsung 960 EVO), CoolerMaster CM 690 III (Window), El Gato HD60, Blue Snowball mic, Windows 10 (Creators Update), Open Broadcaster Software Studio 64 bit.

Albo1125 is a GTA5 and LSPDFR modification author and an emergency services roleplay content creator. I enjoy creating emergency services modifications and to create videos of gameplay. I have created over 16 plugins for GTA5 for you to enjoy. My YouTube channel features mostly tutorials and gameplay videos of LSPDFR and London Roleplay Community. I'm British, but I do both British and American patrols.

Furthermore, I am a supporter of tougher penalties. I believe the British justice system is currently inadequate and requires various deep reforms - with the overall aim of reducing (re)offending, supporting victims and punishing criminals. The police service must also be more adequately protected in British law than it is now. British police must also relax their social media policies, reasonably allowing for a wider range of activity on various popular platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Doing so has vast benefits, the most notable and needed arguably being improved interaction with younger people. Various police services from other countries have dedicated social media teams whose sole purpose is to produce entertaining police vlogs, showing the widespread public what really happens on the front line and reducing the often negative connotations spread by media and politics.

Interested in potentially pursuing a career in cyber security but this is by no means set in stone.

Donations for my 4000+ hours of modding work are extremely welcome and really help me out to be able to continue modding and creating content as a university student. You can donate via PayPal below - donating comes with special benefits, too!

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